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Glyde Premium Vegan Condoms
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UNIQUE Non-Latex Condom Cards
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LoveGame – Smart Condoms
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ESP O•Dams
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THEYFIT, the custom fit condom
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Sheer Glyde Dams
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Online / Retail

Online and Retail
We operate several online shops that are individually tailored for various and different target groups, and most of our retail goods can also be purchased through such important trade platforms as amazon.co.uk, amazo.de, amazon.de and others.
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A large part of our vast stock is also offered especially to our wholesale customers because we were able to negotiate good prices with a lot of our manufacturers. Several brands are sold by us exclusively (in Germany or even several countries or all of Europe).
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Import / Export

Import and Export
We import condoms directly from their respective manufacturers all over the world to be able to provide our customers with fresh goods all the time. We export to all of Europe and beyond - wherever good condoms are needed.
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